Carlos “serious science face” the Scientist

The end result of hearing a couple headcanons for Carlos that I instantly accepted/already agreed with, including schalakitty’s idea that he’s always prepared to Do Science and therefore has field gear full of pockets and a bag full of scientific equipment—and also theysabet mentioning khaki and an oldschool metal shirt collection ♥

(Cecil, I need you to tell your listeners that the cacti in the sand wastes are developing teeth, which may or may not be a concern, I’m still running tests)


I think the shirt is my fault. Or did you think of that around the same time I did, Ysabet?



i’ve just started listening to welcome to night vale and i am absolutely loving it. my brain has a lot of fun coming up with imagery to go along with cecil’s words, and i decided to draw a few of the characters…

i’ve seen lots of fanart of cecil and carlos but not much else, so i wanted to give these guys a whirl! the first are simply my ideas of two hooded figures, and the second is a member of the sherriff’s secret police.

i’m having tons of fun with these and am already working on more. next up: the apache tracker and old woman josie!

what a beautiful art style



Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 44: Cookies

(click the things)

I liked the recent Night Vale episode uvu
I love Lauren’s ability to piss everyone off while still sounding so dang SWEET.

Some speedpainting and fanart from Welcome to Night Vale episode 44: Cookies.
My coloring and drawing style isn’t that consistent, sorry. I’m still experimenting.