Happy anniversary, Cecil and Carlos!! <3

(And to get embarrassingly personal for a minute, I almost didn’t post this because the Cecilos anniversary feels like a weird anniversary for me too? First Date was the episode where I first caught up, and the year since has been pretty much a rollercoaster ride of me accepting that I’m a lesbian and attempting to work through that. These guys and their healthy, normalised, happy relationship are the one thing helping me keep it together while I’m trapped in the closet right now - along with the amazing folk I’ve met because of them, you know who you are!! All right, ramble over. I’ve just had so many ~feelings lately about how important this podcast is to me as a gay girl. Yeah.)

so I’m not the only one

amazing <3



Hiram McDaniels of Welcome to Night Vale has some new moves, courtesy of fans Rob Wilson and Abernethy Media Professionals.

I love the creaking sound it makes